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Be a Lunchbox Hero with Corner Market

Are you tired of packing the same old lunches day after day? Want to make your kiddo’s midday meal more exciting and nutritious? Look no further than Corner Market for great lunch ideas! With our fantastic range of products, you can easily create lunches that are both delicious and good for you. Let's dive into some simple tips to pack nutritional and fun lunches with Corner Market's help.

1. Fresh Fruits and Veggies Galore

Start by filling your lunchbox with a rainbow of fresh produce from Corner Market. We’re proud to offer everything from locally sourced fruits and vegetables to exotic and exciting picks! Simply stepping into our colorful produce section is sure to spark loads of inspiration, but check out a few easy and lunchbox-friendly ideas to get you started.

  • Slice up crisp bell peppers, cucumbers and carrots for a satisfying crunch.

  • Throw in some juicy strawberries, sweet apples or refreshing grapes for a natural burst of flavor.

  • Got a picky eater? Consider adding a dip, like hummus or ranch dressing, to spice things up!

However you like your fruits and veggies, Corner Market’s wide selection makes it easy to add color and nutrients to your meal.

2. Deli Delights for Tasty Sandwiches

For sandwich lovers, Corner Market's deli section is a treasure trove of options. Choose from a variety of freshly sliced meats and cheeses to build your perfect sandwich. We’re proud to offer premium selections, like Boar’s Head and more. Don't forget to grab some whole grain bread for added fiber and goodness. Layer on some leafy greens and tomato slices for extra freshness and nutrition.

Sometimes a big sandwich can be overwhelming for little eaters, but never fear! Try cutting your sandwich into fun shapes like hearts or stars. Still too much? Use your little guy or gal’s favorite deli items, but try them as a wrap or even cut into smaller “pinwheels.”

3. Snack Smart

If your child’s school allows it, a great lunch can also include snacks that keep them fueled throughout the day. Corner Market has you covered with wholesome choices. Whole grain crackers, nuts or Greek yogurt are all options that are equally nutritious and delicious. No time to prep? No worries! We have lots of yummy specialty food options that are sure to scratch that snacktime itch.

4. Kid-Friendly Picks

If you're packing for the little ones, finding lunch ideas for kids can be a challenge. Corner Market has plenty of kid-friendly options! Grab pre-cut veggies with hummus or a pack of mini cheese cubes. And don’t forget a small treat like a yogurt-covered granola bar or a handful of chocolate-covered almonds! Making lunchtime exciting for the kids is all about balance.

5. Sip and Stay Hydrated

Help your child stay refreshed with a tasty beverage. Corner Market offers a variety of choices, including flavored water, iced tea, and pure fruit juices. For added fun and sustainability, consider opting for reusable water bottles to cut down on waste and encourage healthy hydration habits.

Make Lunchtime Fun

To make your lunch more enjoyable, get creative with presentation. Use colorful containers or bento boxes to separate different items. Add a personal touch with a handwritten note or a cute food pick.

Plan Ahead for Less Stress

To avoid the morning rush, plan your lunches ahead of time. Spend a little time each week washing and chopping veggies, portioning out snacks and preparing sandwiches. Having everything ready will make lunch prep a breeze.

With Corner Market's fantastic range of products, you can easily pack lunches that are both nutritious and fun. Say goodbye to dull and unhealthy meals on the go. Offering items that turn lunchtime into a flavorful and wholesome adventure is just one more thing that makes Corner Market “A Special Place to Shop”! Find your nearest Corner Market store here.


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