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Meet some of the fine folks behind our meat counters!

Think of a visit to your Corner Market meat counter like a visit to your local butcher. No, really! Our butchers have put in the time and practice to know exactly how to prepare your proteins. Did you know Corner Market even has our own Meat Academy?


Each Corner Market features a full-service butcher shop with master butchers who cut meats to order and are available to answer your questions about cuts, grades and cooking. Beef and pork are cut by hand.

Our meat department proudly offers the variety and quality you need to make sure mealtime is anything but boring. Learn more about our offerings below.


Certified Angus Beef®

Corner Market carries Certified Angus Beef® in all our locations! Certified Angus Beef® has 10 quality standards that ensure every bite is flavorful, incredibly tender and naturally juicy.


You really can’t go wrong with any of our steaks, but for true steakhouse quality, our USDA Prime Angus beef ribeye, New York strip and filet mignon are always worth the splurge. The abundant marbling in USDA Prime makes a real difference in the taste and texture of these cuts and guarantees a steakhouse experience. 


Marbling, or fat, doesn’t just add flavor; as it melts during cooking, it also makes your steak richer, juicier and more tender. A well-marbled steak is going to be your best eating experience.


Our butchers hand-cut and hand-trim our steaks to guarantee the quality. With hand-cut, you get just the right thickness and just the right amount of exterior fat, which adds extra juiciness and flavor.

CAB Prime Dry-Aged Beef

Prime Dry-Aged beef is available at select Corner Market locations! Dry aging steaks makes them even more flavorful and tender. Not sure how to cook dry-aged steak? Ask one of our friendly butchers for tips on how to cook this premium meat. They have tons of experience and would love to share their knowledge with you!

Sanderson Farms Chicken

Corner Market is proud to carry Sanderson Farms Chicken. This brand is located right here in Mississippi, and their chicken is both responsibly raised and delicious. Enjoy a variety of cuts at all of our locations, including breasts, thighs, leg quarters and wings.

Fresh Pork and Ham

All of our stores have delicious pork cuts, like chops, roasts and more. If you’re needing a ham of any size for a holiday meal, we offer that too! We’re proud to offer high-quality pork products.


Prairie Fresh specializes in USA Prime Pork. Choosing Prairie Fresh USA Prime means you’re choosing to eat the top tier of the finest pork available. Industry-leading proprietary technology helps us hand-select our premium cuts based on superior marbling, color and tenderness to ensure that no bite goes unnoticed at the dinner table.

Don’t forget to grab some tasty sausage to enhance any meal, from breakfast to dinner! It’s our privilege to offer our customers local options, like Lil' Butcher Shoppe, Polk's Meat, MaBell's and Vine's Smokehouse, to name a few.

Pick 5 for $24.99

Save cash without missing out on flavor! Pick 5 items from our special selection for just $24.99. This deal is good every day, any time, as just one of the many ways we show our customers we appreciate you!



We proudly offer handmade entrées, like stuffed or marinated chicken breast, beef pinwheels and grill-ready burgers and kabobs.


You’ll find Springer Mountain Farms Chicken at most stores. Springer Mountain Farms is known for its premium quality poultry products. They stand out due to their commitment to raising chickens without antibiotics, hormones, or steroids, focusing on humane and natural practices. They also prioritize environmental sustainability and high-quality standards throughout their production process.

Our Midtown location has dry-aged beef lockers, where we age USDA Prime Angus Beef for at least 28 days. The dry-aging process draws moisture out of the meat, giving it a richer, beefier flavor. (This is also the reason why dry-aged steaks cook faster than fresh.) Because enzymes break down most of the collagen during the aging process, a dry-aged steak isn’t as chewy as fresh. It’s so tender, in fact, you may not even need a knife.

You’re sure to find exactly what you need at the Corner Market meat counter. However, if you don’t see what you’re after right away, don’t be afraid to ask a Corner Market butcher. They may even have a recommendation or preparation trick up their sleeve for you!

Interested in joining the ranks of our meat-cutting team?

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